“As a convert to Catholicism (Latin) I have taken a great interest in the rites and traditions of other Rites in communion with the Holy Father in Rome, i.e. the Maronites, the Ruthenians, etc. I have fallen in love with the spirituality of the east and try to learn as much about it as I can. there are no Eastern Rite churches within 200 miles of where I live so I don’t get a chance to worship with my eastern brothers and sisters. How does an Eastern Catholic church get established in an area where there are none?

Bishop John’s Answer:

I regret my delay in responding to your question. Life is busy here in our hectic world.

Without knowing your location, it is difficult to check the various directories to see whether or not there is an Eastern Catholic parish of any jurisdiction near you. Ordinarily, a parish or mission is established after a group of interested persons gathers to invite a priest to visit and celebrate an occasional Liturgy. Once a community of persons reaches a critical mass or is able to support itself in some manner, consideration can be given to establishing a mission or parish. I would encourage you to continue your interest in the Eastern Churches. You will find that the Church is very rich indeed with a profound heritage with roots in both the east and west.